Friday, August 27, 2010

Cultural Exhibit of University of Southern Mississippi Centennial Year

Aubrieann Shinall
LIS 201-H003
August 19, 2010

                  USM Celebration of the 100th year

    The University of Southern Mississippi celebrates their centennial year of being an academic intuition. The centennial exhibit is there to provide students, as well as others that may come on the campus, a sense of knowledge about this school. From unseen athletic photos to how the school was founded. Some unknown facts about the university are that it started with 120 acres of land with only five buildings, the first football team started with only 13 men, and the school only had 227 students with 17 faculty members. So, being as it is today The University of Southern Mississippi has grown to over 16,000 students with about 500 or more faculty.
     Also, another interesting fact is that the only dorm for female students was Hattiesburg Hall, (which is an honors dorm now) and the President’s home (now the Ogletree House) which serves as the Southern Mississippi Alumni Association. Although the University is missing some gaps in this rich history of ours, the exhibit still provides us with appreciation on how far we came and the progress we have made and will make over the years.

Aubrieann Shinall The University of Southern Mississippi

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