Thursday, September 23, 2010

The End of the term for my Information Literacy class


        Well, well, well, my time is almost done with my information literacy class and I am kind of sad, but glad at the same time. I am sad for this class to be over because I enjoyed this class so much, that it went by so fast. I mean I know it was an 8 week class, but Gosh time does roll by really fast. I have learned so much from my teacher Ms. Welsh, she is by far one of the better teachers I had at USM this beginning year. I learned how to create my own blog, do a webpage and just being informed about different web databases.

        The part I really enjoyed was creating my own blog, I use to wonder " why would people want to blog about their lives?". Now I understand why, its creative and fun to just sit down and start writing about your opinions toward different topics or just clearing you mind from stress. I mean we do it everyday, with facebook, twitter, etc. I would rather do it in a productive way and format my own page to the design I want it, plus its fun! Also, I have learned the importance of browsing the web for information that you may need and how to do it. I use to just browse the web for shopping ( shhhh), but now I use it to help me gather information for papers, classwork, or just information that I want to look for. Information Literacy is very important in today's society because everything we do is on the internet, LITERALLY! So, this class is worth taking and not because I had to for my major ( Political Science), but because I need this knowledge to be about to form and create new ideas and works for upcoming projects or to be able to help others like my family and friends. So I advise everyone to take this class with Ms.Welsh and to grasp and learn the concepts that she is trying to instill in you! Well, Best Wishess <3

Aubrieann Shinall The University of Southern Mississippi

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The work ethics of My Life

Aubrie's Resume

Aubrieann Shinall
118 College Drive #5770
Hattiesburg, MS 39406

·         The University of Southern Mississippi (AACSB Accredited)            Hattiesburg,MS                   Bachelor of Science in Political Science                                   May 2013                            Minor: Legal Studies
·         The Piney Woods School                                                                    Pineywoods,MS     
               Graduated with Honors                                                                     May 2009
·         CPR certified                                                                                                   March 2008
Work Experience
  • Desk Assistant in Hillcrest Hall                                                 August 2009 - Present

·         Assistant Manager for Buckle Clothing Shop                                    Jackson, MS
             Hired seasonal staff
             Developed new training skills for the staff   
             Checked the register before leaving for the night     
              Created weekly schedules and payroll for the employees and staff
Computer Skills
·         Proficient in Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
·         Proficient in database searching
·         Blog:

Community Service
  • AmeriCorps for a year, 1250 hours in community service                              2009
  • Volunteered at the Stewpot for the homeless                                                            2009
  • Volunteered for community clean-up post-Hurricane Katrina                                   2005
  • References available on request.

Aubrieann Shinall The University of Southern Mississippi

Monday, September 13, 2010

College Student top Tips


    Well, as being in college, there are a few ups and downs about life in college. The few ups about being a college student is that you can enjoy life and not have really as much responsiblites as you will when you get out into the real world. Also, you don't have to have classes everday, you make you schedule. I can go on and on about the "Good Life" of college, but I am trying to tell you about the downfall of being in college. I'm not trying to be the "negative" person, just giving you the other side.
      People think that college life is just ahhhh its soo wonderful to get away from parents and to live on my own. Don't get me wrong here it is!! but don't get set in your mind that there are cons to it. I will give 5 example to why college is not all glits and glam. For starters, your always broke. Unless you have a financial backup( parents) then its time to look for a job or just limit you spending. Second is that people think just because you make your own schedule that you can also sleep during your class times. The point of college is to go to class and shape your life how you want it, not to sleep during the whole time. Third is that partying is not an essential to life. It is okay to go out sometimes, but every single week??? No, you are wasting your time and whoever is paying for you college education. Take advantage of this opportunity, that is very limited to others. Fourth is to not I repeat to not try to come into college looking for "love" I understand its cute to find your college sweetheart, but as far as looking for it, DON'T. Let the love come to you. Look to become friends and nothing else. Just relax and everything will come at its time. And finally if you have an issue with your roommate, don't tell everybody your problem and not the person that your having the problem with. Its not mature and most importantly it starts problems, so mature and be able to talk to that person face to face. Following these simple rules will make College life a lot easy, trust me I know :)

Aubrieann Shinall The University of Southern Mississippi

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Being A Political Science Major


      As being a Political Science major is wonderful at The University of Southern Mississippi. But there can be hardship while being in this major. Some of the pros for being in this field is that you learn a lot about how our laws are working for us and how we can take advantage of our legal system. Also, with this major I can

         Some cons about having this major is that there are a lot of laws to learn and legal documents to look over. Also, you have a lot of writing to do, don't get me wrong here, I love to write, but sometimes when you have about 3 papers due in the same week, it gets challenging and sometimes it just wears me out, but I try to stride through all of it because I know that this is going to help me in the long run.
        Overall I love my major, when I was a freshaman ( now a sophomore) my major was biological sciences, I love Biology, but as far as a major I found out that it wasn't for me. So, I decided to take a personality test and the results showed me that I should go into something to do with Law. I always had a feeling that I should do something in the legal field, but I was just trying to explore different options, in the end I made a better choice. My grades are better and I am more interested more in how things work, instead of why they work this way( referring to the biological sciences). Well, that's about it for today. We have learned that life is what you make it out to be and to remember that this is your life that no one can live it for you!

Aubrieann Shinall The University of Southern Mississippi

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Look into Aubrie's life


       The look into my life is a wonderful adventure. My life hasn't always been so sweet, there has been some spice in my life. But, like I always say, no matter what comes in your life, there is a always a positive that may come out of every negative. The moments in my life that has been the " negative" has taught me life lessons that the supposedly "positive" hasn't. I use to wonder why we are so focused on trying to avoid the negatives in our life, I mean don't get me wrong I'm not saying become a negative person at all. All I am simply saying is to learn from the mistakes or " negative" in your life and grow from it.
     Our lives are what we make it believe it or not. The more we just sit back and let time pass us by, are the moments that we will regret that we did not enjoy. Also, enjoy your love ones. The little time that we have on this precious earth, we should enjoy our love ones as well. And we think that we can just treat people any kind of way and we can always make up for it, but no, life doesn't work like that. We are not promise tomorrow or today, Love the ones that love and care for you the most and don't worry what other people think. This is our life that we have to live with, you have to live with knowing that you didn't show much love to your love ones and when their gone, you can't do anything about it. So, that's why I say, just live your life full of joy and love. Be at peace with yourself and others around you.

Aubrieann Shinall The University of Southern Mississippi

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cultural Exhibit of University of Southern Mississippi Centennial Year

Aubrieann Shinall
LIS 201-H003
August 19, 2010

                  USM Celebration of the 100th year

    The University of Southern Mississippi celebrates their centennial year of being an academic intuition. The centennial exhibit is there to provide students, as well as others that may come on the campus, a sense of knowledge about this school. From unseen athletic photos to how the school was founded. Some unknown facts about the university are that it started with 120 acres of land with only five buildings, the first football team started with only 13 men, and the school only had 227 students with 17 faculty members. So, being as it is today The University of Southern Mississippi has grown to over 16,000 students with about 500 or more faculty.
     Also, another interesting fact is that the only dorm for female students was Hattiesburg Hall, (which is an honors dorm now) and the President’s home (now the Ogletree House) which serves as the Southern Mississippi Alumni Association. Although the University is missing some gaps in this rich history of ours, the exhibit still provides us with appreciation on how far we came and the progress we have made and will make over the years.

Aubrieann Shinall The University of Southern Mississippi