Thursday, September 23, 2010

The End of the term for my Information Literacy class


        Well, well, well, my time is almost done with my information literacy class and I am kind of sad, but glad at the same time. I am sad for this class to be over because I enjoyed this class so much, that it went by so fast. I mean I know it was an 8 week class, but Gosh time does roll by really fast. I have learned so much from my teacher Ms. Welsh, she is by far one of the better teachers I had at USM this beginning year. I learned how to create my own blog, do a webpage and just being informed about different web databases.

        The part I really enjoyed was creating my own blog, I use to wonder " why would people want to blog about their lives?". Now I understand why, its creative and fun to just sit down and start writing about your opinions toward different topics or just clearing you mind from stress. I mean we do it everyday, with facebook, twitter, etc. I would rather do it in a productive way and format my own page to the design I want it, plus its fun! Also, I have learned the importance of browsing the web for information that you may need and how to do it. I use to just browse the web for shopping ( shhhh), but now I use it to help me gather information for papers, classwork, or just information that I want to look for. Information Literacy is very important in today's society because everything we do is on the internet, LITERALLY! So, this class is worth taking and not because I had to for my major ( Political Science), but because I need this knowledge to be about to form and create new ideas and works for upcoming projects or to be able to help others like my family and friends. So I advise everyone to take this class with Ms.Welsh and to grasp and learn the concepts that she is trying to instill in you! Well, Best Wishess <3

Aubrieann Shinall The University of Southern Mississippi

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