Monday, September 13, 2010

College Student top Tips


    Well, as being in college, there are a few ups and downs about life in college. The few ups about being a college student is that you can enjoy life and not have really as much responsiblites as you will when you get out into the real world. Also, you don't have to have classes everday, you make you schedule. I can go on and on about the "Good Life" of college, but I am trying to tell you about the downfall of being in college. I'm not trying to be the "negative" person, just giving you the other side.
      People think that college life is just ahhhh its soo wonderful to get away from parents and to live on my own. Don't get me wrong here it is!! but don't get set in your mind that there are cons to it. I will give 5 example to why college is not all glits and glam. For starters, your always broke. Unless you have a financial backup( parents) then its time to look for a job or just limit you spending. Second is that people think just because you make your own schedule that you can also sleep during your class times. The point of college is to go to class and shape your life how you want it, not to sleep during the whole time. Third is that partying is not an essential to life. It is okay to go out sometimes, but every single week??? No, you are wasting your time and whoever is paying for you college education. Take advantage of this opportunity, that is very limited to others. Fourth is to not I repeat to not try to come into college looking for "love" I understand its cute to find your college sweetheart, but as far as looking for it, DON'T. Let the love come to you. Look to become friends and nothing else. Just relax and everything will come at its time. And finally if you have an issue with your roommate, don't tell everybody your problem and not the person that your having the problem with. Its not mature and most importantly it starts problems, so mature and be able to talk to that person face to face. Following these simple rules will make College life a lot easy, trust me I know :)

Aubrieann Shinall The University of Southern Mississippi

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